Taking a moment to spend time with yourself is such a luxury in our busy lives, but an important note to action. I love that this scrub encourages you to connect, love, feel & nourish your body each time you use it.

OSKIA Renaissance body scrub is in collaboration with Emma Hoareau, my dear friend, photographer & knowledgeable “skinfluencer”, who lives & breaths all things skin, body & beauty.

This soufflé textured body scrub is rich in vitamins, omegas, minerals and enzymes that sink into the skin before showering and can also make for a beautiful enriching bath if you hop in before rinsing. A little goes a long way when applying, so this tub will last you many moons.

While your candles are burning or your bath is running, spend that time with yourself to reset & recharge.

MSM & Pink Himalayan salt are used to buff dry skin which also gives it that dreamy, pinky, apricot colour and Fermented Pumkin Enzym helps to exfoliate, leaving soft glowy skin. While Starflower oil nourishes and hydrates, Vitamin E moisturises & protects against free radicals & environmental damage.

Natural scent is created using Rose & Camomile which in its self is just the right amount of floral & calming elements, ( I personally feel there is absolutely nothing worse than an over powering floral scent in products) so this is such a welcome balance.

I have been using this scrub since our trip to Cali & I feel it surprises me every time, with just how silky soft & hydrated my skin is left. It is honestly like no other scrub I have experienced.

The packaging & glass tub are decorated in Emma’s drawings of the female figure, in celebration of our bodies & the beauty in female form. A beautifully thoughtful product, plastic free, vegan & made in the UK.

I love how personal each element of this product is. A really special first collaboration for someone so knowledgeable & passionate.

Follow Emma on both her INSTAGRAM & BLOG to be inspired daily, through her world of beauty & photography.



Limited edition so don’t miss it!